Inspiration Roundup #1

The Best Capsule Wardrobes

By Molly Cohen

Below, in no particular order, are the links to four content creators who have put the concept of the capsule wardrobe into practice. Through video, text, and collage, they each offer their own take on the minimalist wardrobe. These sites are my go-to when I’m feeling stuck with my current wardrobe.

top capsulewardrobes post - viviannadoesmakeup

1. London beauty blogger Anna over at viviannadoesmakeup creates killer videos showing her 10 staple pieces for each season. The music and editing are on point. Previous capsule wardrobe vids: Autumn 2014 , Summer 2014

top capsulewardrobes post - un-fancy2. Texan dweller Caroline from created her website specifically for documenting her capsule wardrobe. Scroll through her capsule wardrobe archive beginning Spring 2014 here. *Plus she’s created a free wardrobe planner for those new to capsule wardrobes.

top capsulewardrobes post - into-mind3. Anuschka Rees from Berlin is all about spending time developing your personal style. Into-mind is full of well thought out content and clean design. Rees has created a series of posts about how to go about building a capsule wardrobe (though these activities apply to anyone looking to develop their personal style, regardless of whether you want a minimalist wardrobe). She also creates sample seasonal wardrobes. top capsulewardrobes post - lightbycoco4. Originally from The Netherlands, Coco of Lightbycoco creates niche capsule wardrobes for work, dates, Halloween, and travel. Here’s a playlist of her capsule wardrobe related videos.