Expanding Your Horizons

Though establishing a brand (and defining its niche) is great, it’s hard to do when the thing being marketed is constantly evolving. That thing we are discussing in this case is me, the writer. Previously this site has been about the world of fashion – as that was what my world was about as well – but as much as I loved creating content for this page here, I had to stop. I quickly came to realize (perhaps even with the help of this site) that something wasn’t right.

And so today I come at you again, internet, this time from a new place, and a new perspective, having evolved once again. I hope to create equally strong content, and once again stay true to myself, whoever I am at the moment of the post you are reading. I never quite understood the concept of authenticity as I writer until I began this wordpress page. If you’ve never written for a specific audience or never tied a voice to your words publicly, it’s hard to explain, but there’s this pressure and drive to be you – individual and yet honestly so – because when the words are linked to a name, you want them to represent you as best as you know how to do.

I am still vogue conscious and will perhaps, forever be so (though never as idyllically as before), and I have studied fashion academically, but now I have chosen to expand my horizons. I want to be more than just vogue conscious. And so, though this really is meant as a transition post, I also want to say to you, dear reader:

Think about where you are right now in your life, and ask yourself: have I put myself in a niche that I’m having trouble breaking? Do I want to expand my horizons? What else is there that I want to do or be learning that I feel like I can’t do because of my environment? Do you actually have the power to change that? And if so, why haven’t you?

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What is VogueConscious?

  • a place to talk about the cause and effects of fashion and the industry from the perspective of a college student studying fashion design
  • a community of people who care: the fashion conscious
  • a place to develop your fashion vocabulary
  • a place to be inspired and make you THINK
  • a community to learn about artists and contributors to the industry

So how did the idea for this blog begin?

I’m a student studying fashion design at university. I just got through my first year. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, but I found myself missing writing. Between 4 hour long studios, and overnight projects, I had trouble finding the time to sit down and write. This blog is my little chunk of cyberspace where I try to combine those two worlds of writing and fashion.

Why is this fashion blog different?

VogueConscious does not just accept fashion at face value. It’s not about outfit posts or raving about brands. Through writing, I strive to analyze norms and ask questions of consciousness: Is fashion materialistic? Are fashion and identity related? This site is for people who want to be conscious consumers, for people who are interested in the relationship between the material and the nonmaterial (-beliefs, values), and for people who like fashion but are willing to question their values.