What is VogueConscious?

  • a place to talk about the cause and effects of fashion and the industry from the perspective of a college student studying fashion design
  • a community of people who care: the fashion conscious
  • a place to develop your fashion vocabulary
  • a place to be inspired and make you THINK
  • a community to learn about artists and contributors to the industry

So how did the idea for this blog begin?

I’m a student studying fashion design at university. I just got through my first year. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, but I found myself missing writing. Between 4 hour long studios, and overnight projects, I had trouble finding the time to sit down and write. This blog is my little chunk of cyberspace where I try to combine those two worlds of writing and fashion.

Why is this fashion blog different?

VogueConscious does not just accept fashion at face value. It’s not about outfit posts or raving about brands. Through writing, I strive to analyze norms and ask questions of consciousness: Is fashion materialistic? Are fashion and identity related? This site is for people who want to be conscious consumers, for people who are interested in the relationship between the material and the nonmaterial (-beliefs, values), and for people who like fashion but are willing to question their values.


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